The Spurgeons' Christmas Spectacular 2013

Spruce up your Scotch pine, brush down your baubles and titivate your tinsel! We can hear reindeers skipping through the snow and it’s sending us giddy with glee.

It’s true that the mince-pies are a mirage and the sleigh-bells merely our Christmas-crazed imaginings. Still, this day is as good as any to celebrate the season known as... Not Quite Christmas!

That’s right, it’s OFFICIAL! Whether the festive season inspires you with charming chocolate-box dreams or profound and paralysing ennui, it matters not. Christmas is most decidedly a-coming, and you can’t keep our goodwill-to-all-men at bay.

So relax. Kindle the Yule logs. Sink onto the sofa and sip something soothing. Spurgeons has all the goodies to make your Christmas a great-y!

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